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Typically, belt conveyor is used for transporting products while roller conveyor has been used for accumulating products.

Belt Conveyor

Belted conveyor is a straightforward technology. It is more cost-effective than powered roller conveyor and, as it provides a more stable surface, it can convey a variety of products. Polybags and mailers are examples of products that are easily handled by belt conveyor as they are typically too small or light to be transported by roller conveyor.

Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyors include both Motor Driven Roller (MDR) conveyor and belt roller conveyors. Our conveyors use zero pressure accumulation, meaning products on the conveyor do not touch one other. Design Tip – Keep three rollers under your product at all times!

Gravity Roller

Non-powered, gravity conveyors are one of the simplest and cost-effective material handling elements. Generally, gravity conveyors are sloped to allow products to flow freely via Earth’s gravity. Aegis offers a full line of gravity conveyors and can provide custom solutions where needed.

Other Products

We offer an extensive line of complimentary products, including powered belt curves, spurs and ball transfer tables.

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