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Our Products

Aegis Sortation is a technology and innovation leader, offering proven solutions for the material handling industry. Our products are specifically designed for the industry. Always, no exceptions. This approach allows us to take advantage of both tried-and-true practices as well as applicable cutting-edge technologies.

Meet today’s demanding fulfillment requirements via the full line of Aegis Sortation products.


Sortation is one of our specialties. Warehouse and distribution, freight and parcel, e-commerce, postal, and more – we offer sortation solutions for the full range of material handling requirements.

  • Shoe Sorter
  • Crossbelt Sorter
  • Linear Arm Sorter
  • Tilt Tray Sorter
  • Swivel Wheel Sorter
  • Pop Up Sorter


Aegis conveyors are built to order based on customer’s specifications. We develop our solutions in ways which ensure that efficiency, performance, and compatibility are never an issue.

  • Belt Conveyor
  • MDR Conveyor
  • Roller Conveyor
  • Inclined Conveyor

Additional Equipment

Wherever consistent and intuitive performance is paramount, and downtime is not an option – you’ll find ultra-rugged Aegis Sortation equipment.

  • DWS System
  • Put-to-Light

About Us

Aegis Sortation is an intralogistics technology and innovation leader – specializing in the E-Commerce, Freight and Parcel, Automotive, and Warehouse and Distribution industries. Our product offerings and system solutions reflect our practice of integrating excellence throughout the project life cycle.

Our tagline – Better, By Design! is about more than cohesive design, efficient operation and exceptional reliability. Ethical decision-making is a business tenant that emerges naturally 
from our culture of integrity, accountability and transparency.

Our Blog

Operational demands are continually increasing. We invite you to explore our industry insights, product offerings and system solutions.