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Aegis Sortation is an intralogistics technology and innovation leader – specializing in the E-Commerce, Freight and Parcel, Automotive, and Warehouse and Distribution industries. Our product offerings and system solutions reflect our practice of integrating excellence throughout the project life cycle.

Sliding Shoe Sorter

A sliding shoe sorter, also sometimes called a slat sorter, consists of a long and typically straight conveyor, atop which sits a series of slats which conveys the product. The sliding shoe sorter handles a very diverse product mix.

Swivel Wheel Sorter

In a swivel wheel sorter each sortation module consists of several rows of wheels; each row of wheels can be independently turned from the center position to either left or right to guide packages to their destination.

Narrow Belt Sorter

A narrow belt sorter conveys product upon a series of narrow belts or strips. Between each of these belts is a gap. Depending on the exact model of sorter selected there will be a series of high-friction rollers or fixed-angle wheels between these belts.

Pusher Sorter

Pusher sorters are good, low to medium-throughput options for sorting irregularly shaped, difficult-to-convey items, and small items like polybags, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals.

Linear Arm Sorter

Linear arm sorter uses either an electric or pneumatic arm to divert items to the desired destination and is a cost-effective solution designed for lower to medium package volumes.

Tilt Tray Sorter

A tilt-tray sorter is a continuous-loop sortation conveyor that uses a technique of tilting a tray at a chute to slide the object into the chute

Crossbelt Sorter

A crossbelt sorter is a sorter that is built atop a continuous loop conveyor. The actual carrying surface is a belt. Typical uses include parcels, apparel and small items that are often difficult to sort, such as fragile or high friction products.

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