Aegis Sortation Growth Continues

Aegis Sortation | March 21, 2022
New product and technology center to showcases technology solutions

It’s always an exciting time at Aegis Sortation.  Our recent move into a larger facility affords us the opportunity to showcase the breadth and depth of our technology solutions. 

Expanded Capabilities

Our new product and technology center, located in Louisville, KY is specifically designed to showcase the breadth and depth of our expertise.  From sortation and conveyors to DWS and pick/put-to-light systems, we offer a full range of products for almost every industry segment.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a tour.

Job Generation

We are hiring.  Join our team!

We are always eager to hire qualified individuals who are willing to put forth the effort to hone their skills and develop their career.  We offer an excellent working environment for all of our team members and pride ourselves on providing an opportunity for career success.

Better, By Design!

Aegis Sortation is a technology and innovation leader, offering proven solutions for the material handling industry. Our products are specifically designed for the industry. Always, no exceptions. This approach allows us to take advantage of both tried-and-true practices as well as applicable cutting-edge technologies. Meet today’s demanding fulfillment requirements via the full line of Aegis Sortation products.

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