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Real-time Missing Shoe and Missing Pin Detection is Now a Reality

Aegis Sortation | March 24, 2022

E-commerce sales in the United States have doubled in the last six years, including a staggering 15.5% year over year growth in 2017. The impact of online shopping continues to grow as traditional retailers such as Walmart and Target rise to the ranks of e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Zappos, and eBay. Buyers’ are coming to expect more and more every-day needs to be just a click and two-day shipping away. All of this growth has left the material handling and logistics industry scrambling to keep up.

Companies in the material handling and logistics industry, from manufacturing to supply chain management, are facing the challenge of adapting their processes and systems to accommodate faster and higher volume operations. Some of the growing pains can be felt in the rising cost of shipping, the shortage of transportation professionals, and the stagnation of industry standards.

Nevertheless, new processes, systems, and technologies are emerging to help businesses keep pace with the growth of e-commerce. One such innovation is the Aegis Sortation usage of RFID technology in their patented Smart Shoe technology – which provides the industry with real-time missing shoe and missing pin detection.

Intelligent Sortation: Smart Shoe Technology (patent no. 62/555,061)

Unique to industry, Aegis Sortation uses RFID technology to make real-time Missing Shoe detection a reality.

Smart Shoe technology, patented by Aegis Sortation, embeds a read/write RFID tag in each sorter shoe. The integration of RFID tags allows system operators to uniquely identify, monitor, track and control each individual sorter shoe/pin location.

Experience Less Downtime with Smart Shoe Technology

When shoes become damaged, timely detection of such an occurrence can be challenging, resulting in the mishandling of packages and/or system downtime. Smart Shoe technology allows for adjustments to the sortation routines to accommodate for the missing or broken shoe and continue operation.

Smart Shoe-enabled sorters allow the operator to detect and repair missing shoes and damaged pins quicker. If continued operation is not chosen, then maintenance times are dramatically reduced as maintenance personnel can route the shoe or pin in question to a pre-determined maintenance area. Smart Shoe technology drives higher volumes and less downtime.

More Volume, Exceeding Industry Standards

Smart Shoe technology is a part of a sortation system that leverages both proven and emerging technologies in the development of visionary solutions for sortation systems.

Are you settling for industry standards of sortation efficiency? You can achieve more volume and less downtime with Aegis’ state-of-the-art sortation technology. Learn more by visiting our product details page, interact with features of the sorter, watch videos, and download data sheets.

Learn More About Aegis’ Smart Shoe and Smart Pin Technology

We look forward to learning how Aegis Sortation can partner with your business to help you decrease downtime and increase volume.

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